Burnley Forced To Act After Robbie Brady's Agent Ruins Child's Christmas Present

Burnley Forced To Act After Robbie Brady's Agent Ruins Child's Christmas Present

This has all the hallmarks of what is known in this business as a "classy gesture," assuming those involved follow through on it. It is a genre which has taken the internet by storm. James McClean, for instance, has become a bona fide machine in this respect, dispensing classy gestures all over the shop. In his native city, he now functions as a substitute for the ailing welfare state.

Eight year old Andrew Whelan from Stradbally idolises Robbie Brady.

Over Christmas, Santa Claus left him two tickets to see Norwich City playing against Cardiff this weekend. This was a bit of a faux pas from Santy. Even the dogs on the street in Lapland (assuming they have streets and dogs up there) knew there was a fair chance Robbie would be leaving Norwich during the window.

The rest of the Norwich City XI doesn't hold any appeal for Andrew and he was distraught at realising that he would not now be able to see his hero in the flesh.

His mother told the Star;

Andrew's very upset because he knows he won't be seeing Robbie playing when he goes over the match on Saturday. He’s absolutely devastated he won’t get to see him. This year all he wanted from Santy was to go and see Robbie playing.

Glory be, Burnley FC have ridden to the rescue. Or at least, we hope they have.


The Irish Examiner's Peter McNamara tweeted out the Star's article tagging both Burnley FC and @FAIreland in the tweet.

Burnley FC have replied and said they're eager to facilitate young Andrew.

No word yet from the FAI.

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