Roma President Expertly Trolls Napoli Counterpart Over Liverpool Claims

Roma President Expertly Trolls Napoli Counterpart Over Liverpool Claims

With the Italian Serie A due to commence this weekend, presidents representing two of the country's biggest clubs have been going head to head over the sale of the former Roma 'keeper Alisson to Liverpool.

Bought by Liverpool for a record-breaking fee this summer, the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, sparked some consternation when he suggested earlier today that the club from the Italian capital were in secret cahoots with the English giants.

Sensationally claiming that Roma and Liverpool were owned by the same person, and, as a result, it was no surprise that Napoli had been unsuccessful in their bid for the Brazilian 'keeper, the Roma president has issued a provocative retort to the accusations.

Taking to the club's Twitter account to share his thoughts on this claim, the Roma president James Pallotta was taking things in his stride.


Suggesting that the Napoli president was perhaps listening to the wrong people, the comments did immediately draw up memories of tweets gone by.

In 2013, after Arsenal launched their £40 million plus £1 bid for Liverpool's Luis Suarez, the Liverpool owner John Henry famously tweeted.

A bizarre coincidence, some incredible trolling from James Pallotta, or the work of an imaginative club twitter account? All ends are possible.

Speaking out about the comments on Italian radio today was Roma's managing director, Mauro Baldissoni.

Claiming that De Laurentiis was perhaps listening to the "wrong birds" in Naples, it certainly does make for an interesting story at the start of another Serie A season.

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