Seven Things Sean Maguire's New Look Reminds Us Of

Seven Things Sean Maguire's New Look Reminds Us Of

Preston North End striker Sean Maguire has found himself on the receiving end of an unmerciful slagging for his recent grooming style, with both team-mates and the old-reliable internet delving out a right dose.

Maguire has given several positive performances since his return from injury, with manager Alex Neil deploying him on the left-hand side. However, it is not just his fleet-footwork that has caught attention.

In fairness to the Irish international, he's taken the feedback extremely well and offered up a half-hearted explanation.

It's inspired some exceptional comparisons.

1. Joey From Friends


sean maguire

2. WII Sports Tennis Player 

Sean Maguire

3. X-Factor Star Rylan 


...or this bucko

5. A Eurovision Contestant 

6. The Toy Story Villian 

7. Bearded Ken Doll

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Balls Team

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