How Steven Gerrard Convinced Jermain Defoe To Join Rangers

How Steven Gerrard Convinced Jermain Defoe To Join Rangers

Jermain Defoe will train with his new teammates for the first time today in Tenerife. With their next game ten days away, Rangers are in Spain on a warm weather training camp during the Scottish Premiership winter break.

Defoe has joined the Scottish Premiership club on loan from Bournemouth until the end of the season.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Rangers manager Steven Gerrard explained how he convinced his former England teammate to make the move to Scotland. The two share the same agent and Gerrard had been keeping an eye on Defoe's situation.

"Rangers sells itself but I tried to say to Jermain about where I was at that stage of my own playing career," said Gerrard.

For me it was about enjoyment. I asked Jermain if a relegation battle was right for him at this stage of his career.

Was him not being guaranteed games right for him at this stage too? He is well aware of the size of the club, he knows everything about Rangers.

I showed him how we’re trying to play, how we’re trying to evolve and he was super excited by that. The chance to win some medals, that’s what came out of his mouth.

He wants the final chapter, if you like, to be successful. He has goals to chase and goals to score. If we create chances then he will score heavy, he is buying right into it.

Gerrard added that Defoe - who is yet to score this season - is in great shape for 36.


"He hasn’t played much in the last couple of years and he has a shape to die for in terms of how he looks after himself.

"He does everything to the letter. He doesn’t drink, he’s a true professional, he loves his football and I just felt it was a match made in heaven so it was my job to sell the club to him and explain what we are trying to achieve here."

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