Szczesny Recalls The Drunken Jack Wilshere Episode During His Wedding

Szczesny Recalls The Drunken Jack Wilshere Episode During His Wedding

Former Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is currently plying his trade with Seria A giants Juventus, but the Polish international has racked up a wide-reaching career across five clubs and three countries.

Szczesny left the Premier League club in 2017. One of his close friends during his stint in London was English midfielder Jack Wilshere. The pair lived together in digs during their youth careers and remained close as they progressed through the club.

As first reported by Arseblog, in an interview with Polish football journalists Łukasz Wiśniowski and Kuba Polkowski for YouTube channel ‘Foot Truck’, Szczesny was asked about numerous former team-mates and told an amusing anecdote about his old friend.

My best friend, alongside [Grzegorz] Krychowiak. At my wedding he got so drunk, we were looking for him everywhere for two hours and found him sleeping in bushes. He had one injury that he never really fixed and it’s caused the next and the next. He’s one of the greatest talents, I ever met. Because of injuries he now plays in West Ham rather than a big European club.


The outspoken goalkeeper did not stop there and spoke positively about numerous former Arsenal players. However, when it came to Gervinho, he was less complimentary: "Who thought he would be in the top 40 I played with?! Add one more 0."

Since leaving London, the Juve shot-stopper has performed well, recently pulling off a wonder save against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. Their midweek victory ensures a quarter-final tie against Ajax next.

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