WATCH: Bill O'Herlihy Set The Scene Perfectly On One Of The Biggest Ever Days In Irish Sport

WATCH: Bill O'Herlihy Set The Scene Perfectly On One Of The Biggest Ever Days In Irish Sport

Bill O'Herlihy's life and career will be examined in this Monday's edition of Cloch le Carn, RTE's series which profiles influential figures within Irish public life.

The trailer was unveiled yesterday. Today, two more clips from Billo's fabled anchoring career have been released.

The Euro '88 clip is a new one. Ireland were leading England 1-0 at half-time at Stuttgart and were playing extremely well. Contrary to popular myth, England barely had a sniff in the first half. Only when Glenn Hoddle came on did the English begin to create chances.

A reminder of the brief moment when Don Givens was part of the RTE soccer panel too.


The second clip is more familiar. O'Herlihy found the right words ahead of a momentous day in Irish sport.

You're welcome to our World Cup coverage on a day of historic importance for Ireland. In less than an hour, we line out against England in Cagliari and take our place in the World Cup finals for the very first time. For those who've worked to lift Irish soccer onto a plateau of achievement and respect, among them, our two panellists, John Giles and Eamon Dunphy, it is a day of pride and emotion. For the nation, it's a day of joy and drama and celebration and in our coverage tonight, we plan to reflect the national mood as we anticipate the game after what Kevin Moran has called 'an eternity of waiting'.

It's only a game, says Bobby Robson of England, and he's right, but he's wrong too. Because to be in the finals for the first time is very special and we're going to see what it means to people right around the country, whether they're nine or ninety. And I promise you, we're going to enjoy ourselves, we're going to give it a lash.

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