Watch: Mario Balotelli Pays Man €2,000 To Drive His Moped Into The Sea

Watch: Mario Balotelli Pays Man €2,000 To Drive His Moped Into The Sea

Mario Balotelli is one of the strangest characters in the world of sport. Possessing physical gifts that most footballers could only dream of, he has struggled to put it all together due to a lack of application and generally not giving a shite.

His off the pitch antics have become legendary at this stage. Be it letting off fireworks in the bathroom of his house, throwing darts at youth players, or driving around with £25,000 cash in his passenger seat, describing him as a bit of an odd character would be a serious understatement.

He has now added to that long list of notable incidents.

The Marseille striker is enjoying some downtime in his native country during the offseason, taking in the sights in Naples.

Clearly bored by the historical landmarks, Balotelli decided to pay a local business owner €2,000 to drive his moped into the sea. Sure it's all a bit of craic I suppose.


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Buongiorno così ! ??? (Vespa ripescata).

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The man involved seemed to be pretty pleased about the incident, telling local reporters his 'moped was only worth €600 anyway'. Easy money.

Balotelli later shared footage of them recovering the scooter from the water on his Instagram story, with the vehicle still in working order. You can't beat a bit of Italian engineering.

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