This Daniel Davey Instagram Q&A Had So Much Valuable Nutrition Info

This Daniel Davey Instagram Q&A Had So Much Valuable Nutrition Info

Daniel Davey is one of our favourite people in Irish sport. Davey has been worked as a senior performance nutritionist with Leinster Rugby and Dublin GAA for a number of years, and the results speak for themselves. Better yet, Davey is consistently interesting in interviews and on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he posts under the moniker Food Flicker.

Yesterday Davey, while delayed on a flight to Portugal, and still hungover from Leinster's post-Pro 14 Final celebrations, decided to run an Instagram Story Q&A on the topic of nutrition. The questions ranged from the serious to the absurd, and Davey's answers were  legitimately informative so we thought we'd share them on for anyone with an interest in nutrition-related things. Whether you're curious about the health benefits of working out in a hoodie to the gains of an alkaline diet, there's something in this Q&A for you.

The answers were wide-ranging and will interest most people looking to eat better.


On whether training with a hoodie has any weight loss benefits?


On whether eating 2 eggs per day is too many eggs

On whether sports drinks work


On whether post-match pints help the body recover



On whether 'healthy takeaways' exist


On whether there are good hangover food and beverages



On whether you should take omega supplements if you're not an oily fish fan



On what is the best recovery drink after GAA training

On the best foods with magnesium


On whether there are foods that cut fat around the belly



On the right gameday calorie intake for a rugby player

On whether we should track fat intake

On whether an alkaline diet is worth pursuing

These are the kinds of free insight that Davey is offering to his instagram followers, so he's definitely worth a follow.

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