The Fitness Apps That Work Best For What You Need

The Fitness Apps That Work Best For What You Need

There's an app for everything nowadays, whether you want to find a date or check the latest the latest football scores all you have to do is take out your phone and check.

SomeĀ apps are considered to be anti-social and less thanĀ beneficial, but not fitness apps. In the age of modern technology there are now a whole host of applications ready to help you reach your fitness goal, whether it be gaining muscle, burning fat or a bit of both.

Here's a quick to guide to different apps based on fitness goal.

Keeping In Shape- 7 Minute Workout

Many of us want to just keep ourselves in decent shape, not necessarily bulging with muscle and not necessarily ripped to shred either, just in decent everyday shape.


However doing this can prove to be difficult, especially if you're working a full time job, have a long commute and have a family to tend to, leaving you little time to go to the gym.

Thankfully there's an app called the seven minute workout which helps you to keep in shape and maintain your busy lifestyle. The app forces you to undergo an intense seven minute workout every day using just your bodyweight, a chair and a wall. Basic fitness is required to use the application and the workouts are by no means easy, but all it takes is 7 minutes a day so who's complaining.



Dieting is crucial for all aspects of fitness whether you're building muscle or losing weight, you'll accomplish nothing without a proper diet.

Once you choose your preferred diet yummly will provide you with a series of recipes and cooking instructions to suit your needs. If you cant decide on a particular diet you can simply search by category and receive plenty of options to suit your needs.


Running-Map My Run

Map My Run is for those of you who like to keep fit by running, walking or hiking. The app allows you to map out your own personal route and it will then keep track of your distance covered and your calories burned.

Over time you'll be able to track your progress and re visit older routes to try and beat your personal bests. Better yet there's a social aspect built into the app which allows you to share your progress and compete with other users.

Building Muscle-Stronglifts

This app is for people wanting to build hard muscle and increase their lifts in the gym. The app works on a simple three lifts, five reps, five sets. The exercises used are all core strength building exercises like bench press, squat and deadlift and the app keeps track of your progress, making sure you make a slow and steady increase in your lifts each time.

Jeremy Fullam

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