Can You Win The Quiz Of The 2007 All-Ireland Football Championship?

Can You Win The Quiz Of The 2007 All-Ireland Football Championship?

Here's your chance to win the All-Ireland Football Championship, quiz style!

Regular listeners to our podcast 'The Buildup' will be familiar with our weekly GAA quiz feature where two of the lads team up to try and win a specific All-Ireland championship by answering questions that come from each round of said year's competition. For instance, on this week's show, Mick and PJ try to win the 2002 All-Ireland Football Championship, starting out in the Ulster Peliminary Round and trying to make it all the way up the steps of the Hogan Stand on All-Ireland final day.

You can listen to how they got on below or subscribe by searching The Buildup on wherever you get your podcasts.

Now we're giving you the chance to do the same. Below you will start out in the first round of the 2007 All-Ireland Football Championship - the first championship to feature on the podcast a few weeks back. Each question will be on a match from that year, and should you get your first question right you will move on to the provincial quarter-final and so on and so forth.


However, get a question wrong and you're out! Let us know how you get on.

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