Good Guy Jamie Carragher Linked With Great Gesture To Dromard GAA After €2000 Fine

Good Guy Jamie Carragher Linked With Great Gesture To Dromard GAA After €2000 Fine

A couple of weeks ago, we brought you news of the €2,000 fine the GAA hit Longford club Dromard for the misuse of their ground. The club were penalised for hosting a Jamie Carragher Summer Soccer School on their 3G pitches last summer, which is in contravention of Rule 5.1 of the GAA's rules.

The story was broken first here on, on our daily sports podcast, The Racket:

The fine was initially €3,000 but was reduced to €2,000 upon appeal.

Colm Keys of the Irish Independent is reporting today that Carragher is aware of the situation, and is considering paying the fine.

Writing in the paper this morning, Keys says that:


When news of the penalty broke 11 days ago, Carragher's school issued a statement to the Irish Independent outlining they would meet "to discuss what assistance it can offer to the club concerned".

Dromard's appeal against the fine has since been dismissed after they missed the three-day window for appeal having assumed that 'three days' meant 'three working days' (it usually does to be fair). That now leaves the club on the hook for the €2000 fine and, according to Keys, Carragher has been made aware of the developments and his soccer school are now considering taking on the burden faced by the Longford club.

If it does come to that we'll wait with baited breadth to see how the GAA react to this soccer fella riding in on his white horse and sorting things out with a click of his fingers. Call us negative but we'd imagine it won't go down very well.

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