Jack McCaffrey Will Not Be Playing For Dublin In The 2020 Championship

Jack McCaffrey Will Not Be Playing For Dublin In The 2020 Championship

At only 26-years-old, Jack McCaffrey has done it all. At 19, he won the All-Ireland at wing back on the Dublin team, something he has done four more times since. In 2016, he took a year out and came back better than ever. He was the 2015 Footballer of the Year and already has four All-Stars. He is arguably the best footballer in the country right now.

But Jack McCaffrey is more than a Dublin footballer. He's also a doctor and it should come as no surprise that his attention is elsewhere. With the 2020 Championship calendar being refixed this week, McCaffrey has informed Dublin management he won't be a part of the team's bid to win six-in-a-row.

Understandably, McCaffrey cannot put himself at risk of getting sick and spreading it to his patients, while he also carries the risk of being exposed at work and spreading the virus to his teammates and opponents. Outside of that, it's impossible to see where he would get the time at present to commit fully to the cause for the Dubs. McCaffrey has recently transferred and works at St. Luke's Hospital in Kilkenny.


Dublin fans will take heart from the fact that the player came back from his year out in 2016 as good, if not better, than ever, and has made all three All-Star teams in the years since. At just 26, McCaffrey still has plenty of years left in him to continue to terrorise both forward and backs!


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