Joe Brolly Has Apologised To David Gough Over Comment On The Sunday Game

Joe Brolly Has Apologised To David Gough Over Comment On The Sunday Game

While both the penalty decision and Johnny Cooper red card in last weekend's All-Ireland final have inspired plenty of debate, Joe Brolly has apologised to David Gough for suggesting that Kerry 'propaganda' in the build-up to the match may have clouded his judgement.

Brolly staunchly disagreed with the sending off, maintaining that David Clifford was actually fouling Cooper, and while he is still of that belief, he took time in his Gaelic Life column this week to explain that he has since aplogised to Gough for his comments on The Sunday Game:

I believe he was played. I suggested in the heat of the moment that David may have been influenced by the propaganda emanating from Kerry in the lead up to the game. Afterwards I contacted David to aplogise for this. It was wrong of me and unfair on David, who is a man of integrity and honour.

Both Brolly and Ciaran Whelan came in for plenty of criticism online after protesting Gough's decisions and in today's column Joe added: "Those on social media would do well to remember we are discussing a game of football, not some heinous crime or shocking world event."


Aside from the refereeing debate, his column also features a great Mars bar anecdote that is well worth reading. That's the thing with Brolly. You want to stay mad at him but he always has a way of sucking you back in. You can find the piece in this week's Gaelic Life here.

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