Darragh Ó Sé Is Spreading Gossip Again And It's Very Entertaining This Time

Darragh Ó Sé Is Spreading Gossip Again And It's Very Entertaining This Time

Darragh Ó Sé's weekly Irish Times columns are absolutely required reading for GAA fans. While Jim McGuinness may have the edge on him when it comes to deep analysis of the game, Ó Sé's musings are much more enjoyable for pure entertainment factor.

The former Kerry star has once again come in with a cracker of an introduction for no other reason than he just wanted to share it with the rest of us. Ultimately this week's column focuses on what Dublin can do to stop Mayo's attack, however, he begins with a delightful anecdote from last weekend's action.

Given that the Sky and RTÉ studios are beside each other in Croke Park, the respective punditry teams inevitably mix with each other before big games. This week, Ó Sé was chatting to Jim McGuinness and Peter Canavan when Joe Brolly arrived on the scene and interjected with a friendly 'what about ya?' in the direction of the Tyrone legend.

(Ó Sé helpfully explains that's 'the way Ulster people say hello')

From there things took a decidedly less friendly turn and Ó Sé puts it a look better than we possibly could.

Canavan gave him a very short answer (second word, “off”) and walked away.

I was surprised at two things – one, that anyone would take Brolly enough to heart to get that annoyed at him in the first place. And two, that as war was breaking out in Ulster, a Kerryman like me was in the middle like Switzerland.


Glorious. The last time Ó Sé shared some gossip from the sidelines, Brolly didn't seem too pleased with it so we can only assume he may have a similar reaction this time around.

Update: Scratch that, he's given it the uber-cool 'haha' response.

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Gary Reilly

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