'Emotions Were Raw' - Kevin Cassidy On Replying To That David Brady Tweet

'Emotions Were Raw' - Kevin Cassidy On Replying To That David Brady Tweet

Kevin Cassidy says that the pain of Gaoth Dobhair losing the All-Ireland club semi-final to Corofin was still coursing through him on Saturday night when he hit reply to a tweet from David Brady.

The former Mayo footballer suggested that had the Gaoth Dobhair players not so publicly celebrated their Ulster final win against on December 2nd, then they may have taken a step further to the All-Ireland final on St. Patrick's Day.

Cassidy hit back, leaving no doubt about what he thought of Brady's opinion.

Writing in his Gaelic Life column, Cassidy elaborated regarding how he was feeling at the time. The 38-year-old said that he's only met Brady on a "number" of occasions and doesn't know him especially well.

I'm not sure why he said what he said but for anyone that knows me then questioning my teammates or club is like placing a red rag in front of a bull and the chances of me holding back were slim to say the least.

Emotions were raw and the hurt of losing was still sky high when that tweet was brought to my attention so I suppose the timing wasn't great. At that particular moment in time it hurt me that our commitment to our club was called into question because I know that we couldn't have given anymore.


Cassidy says his only regret about that tweet is that he swore. He also adds that the next time he and Brady meet, they'll probably have a laugh about their online conflict.

"The next time someone abuses me on Twitter I'll count to 10 before replying but then again if it's about my teammates or club then I'll probably still come back as hard as ever," concludes Cassidy.

You can read Cassidy's column and more in the excellent Gaelic Life, available weekly for a very reasonable £1.30.

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