Offaly Players Could Be In For A Tough Week After Manager's Recent Comments

Offaly Players Could Be In For A Tough Week After Manager's Recent Comments

Offaly had a superb start to their league campaign last week when they defeated Dublin in the League opener. It saw a huge outpouring of celebration in the county and praise for Kevin Martin, the current manager.

However, yesterday Offaly were hit by a hard dose of reality. They lost 0-10 to 1-24 against Limerick at O'Connor Park.


When speaking to the Irish Independent, Martin admitted there may have been a slight overreaction last week.

It is a big reality check, and I have to say it was all across the team except for maybe a few players.

I just can't put my finger on it at the minute. We were probably just too hyped up from last week. I will have to sit down and watch the DVD and reassess the whole thing. We knew we were going to have certain setbacks during the year. We knew we weren't just going to come in and storm everyone; it doesn't happen like that, so it is back to the drawing board.

Martin was very honest in his summation that it did effect players.

People around the county were up on a high after last week. It does filter down to the players; it can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. It was obviously a bad thing for us today.

Reading too much into league results is an annual affair and it is likely both results will be long forgotten come championship. That shouldn't stop Offaly celebrating a big win though, it is simply a caveat that is added to any results this early in the year.

Offaly have an off week now, which gives Martin some welcomed time to reassess before a serious test with an away trip to the All-Ireland champions Galway.

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