Clarke And McConville Unhappy With 'Unacceptable' Fermanagh Tactic

Clarke And McConville Unhappy With 'Unacceptable' Fermanagh Tactic

At the close of BBC Northern Ireland's coverage of Sunday's Ulster semi-final, both Oisin McConville and Marty Clarke acknowledged that Fermanagh deserved their upset win against Monaghan.

There was also another point on which they agreed: that they did not like some of the tactics employed by Rory Gallagher's side in victory.

Early in the second half, following a miss by Conor McManus, Fermanagh players got in the Monaghan forward's face.

"It's annoying," said Oisin McConville.

"I think as a forward, you know you're after kicking it wide. This is something which has been going on in Ulster for some time. It's not acceptable, no, it's not acceptable.

"The other thing, it's not acceptable the way the referee dealt with it. How long does it take somebody to get in there an deal with it? The referee then issues two yellow cards. For the life of me, I don't understand why Conor McManus would be on the receiving end of a yellow card."

Clarke could not understand the joy some players take from seeing another player's mistake.


I hate to see it. It's creeping into football more and more. If a guy makes a mistake, you're in his face. There's almost more joy than if you do well yourself, some of these defenders.

At half-time McConville said that Fermanagh has "used every trick in the book" to drag Monaghan into a dogfight - a space in which they could pull off a shock win. Those tricks included killing the momentum of the game, a ploy they continued to use in the second half.

"Even the way the game was played, there was no ebb and flow to it," McConville said at full-time.

"There was no momentum. Every time Monaghan got a free kick, Fermanagh went down. That was their plan and they executed it - we are giving them credit for that. The other thing is, it is pretty annoying if you're on the opposition and it's pretty annoying to watch."

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