Watch: Clare Footballer Scores Remarkable 'Own-Point' In County Final

Watch: Clare Footballer Scores Remarkable 'Own-Point' In County Final

Own-goals in football are scored with a fair degree of regularity, and they do happen in Gaelic football on very rare occasions. The two scored by Mayo in the 2016 All-Ireland final being the most well-known examples.

However, own-points are an altogether different matter. While we they have happened in the past, this one is mad.

Kilmurry Ibrickane were taking on defending champions St. Joseph's, Miltown Malbay in the Clare Senior Football Final yesterday afternoon when the remarkable incident occurred.

Miltown's Sean Malone was being put under pressure in his own backline, when he attempted to play a kick pass back to his own goalkeeper.

However, the pass was overhit and ended up sailing over his own crossbar. Absolutely remarkable.


Unfortunately for Malone and his team, the game would finish in a draw in the end on a scoreline of 0-9 to 0-9.

The replay will take place this weekend, where Miltown will be no doubt hoping to restrict their scores to the correct end of the pitch.

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Gary Connaughton

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