New Feature on 'Rugby 20' Is A Potential Game Changer For Future Games

New Feature on 'Rugby 20' Is A Potential Game Changer For Future Games

There's been a serious glut of quality rugby games over the past decade or so. Ever since the heyday of Rugby 06 and Rugby 08 from EA Sports, we have been longing for a good rugby game on PS4 or Xbox.

Rugby World Cup 2011 was decent, but it was basically a rehash of the aforementioned pair of titles.

Numerous games have come out over the years and none of them have lived up to expectations. That includes the 'Rugby' series, released by Bigben Interactive. The last two games have been widely panned but the series looks like it could take a step forward in the latest release.

'Rugby 20' is set to be released at the end of next month and it is fair to people aren't expecting much. However, the game has made a few notable changes.

Players will now be able to edit the tactics of their teams, adjusting things such as line speed, defensive depth and the positioning of the full back. It looks like you will also have more control over the actions of the players on the pitch and can even run set-plays.


Rugby fans are not expecting miracles, but they would like a game has the feel of the real sport. That has been sorely lacking in recent years, but this could be a step in the right direction.

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Gary Connaughton

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