Tik Toker Exposes FIFA 22 Ultimate Team No Loss Glitch

Tik Toker Exposes FIFA 22 Ultimate Team No Loss Glitch

Every year FIFA players find a way to cheat the system, cut corners and get a step ahead of the casual players. Therefore this year is no different. One FIFA 22 glitch a certain gamer has found is a glitch where if you're are losing in a game, you can forfeit without getting a loss on your record.

This glitch can be overpowered as when gamers are playing FUT champs, they can use this over and over again until they get to the stage they want. They'll then get better awards and better players. Obviously a glitch like this can be infuriating to  the honest player who don't want to cheat. However, expect to see this happen a few times if you're winning in FUT champs for the next while. EA Sports as of yet haven't fixed the glitch.

FIFA 22 No Loss Glitch

So here's how to do the glitch. If you're losing in the match all you do is go to the home menu of your console and sit there for around 30 seconds. Then just go back into the game. The game will kick you out of the match for inactivity. When you load back onto the Ultimate team screen your record will be intact. There'll be no losses and you'll still have the same amount of games remaining.

A Shoutout has to go to skillzapex on TikTok for finding this glitch and sharing it.


Some have said that this glitch has led to them being banned but there isn't any proof of that as of yet. So try the glitch at your own risk but if it works, it is very overpowered. Playstation is the console used in the video above but it should work for Xbox as well.

Gamers should prepare to see this a lot from now on.

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