Video: American Golfer Doesn't 'Hold His Tongue' On Dissatisfaction With US Open Course

Lee Westwood said on Saturday that he felt many golfers were afraid to voice their dissatisfaction with the Chambers Bay course which is hosting the US Open.

The Englishman certainly could not level that criticism at Billy Horschel.


Speaking to Fox Sports after a three-under final round which left him four-over for the tournament, the American said that he had lost some respect for the USGA over the last few days.

These greens aren't very good, I'm not going to hold my tongue on this.

This is very disappointing to hold a championship calibre tournament on greens like this, very inconsistent. We're not looking for perfection, but they surely aren't very good.

I played my butt off to shoot three-under today and it should have been probably six, seven, eight under. It's frustrating on the greens when you hit really good putts and they're bouncing worse than I've ever seen.

I've lost a little respect for the USGA this week.

Like I said, the greens just aren't, they're not great, and it makes great putters very average and putters that may not be very good average as well. It brings everyone back to normalcy. It doesn't allow someone who's a really good putter to shine this week

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