Holloway Completes Tough Cut As Volkanovski Goes Through 'Crazy' Trip To Be Back-Up

Holloway Completes Tough Cut As Volkanovski Goes Through 'Crazy' Trip To Be Back-Up

Max Holloway has made weight for his featherweight bout with Frankie Edgar at UFC 240.

The defending champion has notoriously struggled to hit the 145 mark and last year was removed from a lightweight title bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 223 when the New York State Athletic Commission deemed him unfit to continue.

While he needed the towel, Holloway did make weight this time around and is ready for the former UFC lightweight champion on Saturday night.

It means, barring disaster, featherweight contender Alex Volkanovski will not be needed. It was confirmed on Friday by UFC vice-president Marc Ratner that Volkanosvki was present in case there was another issue. The back-up option also weighed in on Friday.


Speaking to TSN, Volkanovski explained he only learned of the news "a few weeks ago.”

He went on to outline the measures he went through to be there.

"The UFC said ‘look, we’ve learned our lesson, we want you to officially make weight.’ They’re obviously paying me and stuff like that.’"

It was 37-plus hours in terms of travel just to get here, and I had to drive through the border [into Canada]

I went from New Zealand to Sydney, Sydney to San Francisco, drove from Seattle to Vancouver — did the visa through the border that way — then flew from Vancouver to Edmonton. It was like 38 hours or something like that. It was crazy. That rattled me all week.

“It left me pretty heavy all week, to be honest,” Volkanovski said. “I had to do a pretty big weight cut. In saying that, we got it done. I’m a professional guy."

Holloway vs Edgar is not the only exciting showdown on Saturday. Tonight's co-main sees Cris Cyborg up against Felicia Spencer.

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