Watch: Controversy As Vettel Wins In Canada But Is Demoted To 2nd By Stewards

Watch: Controversy As Vettel Wins In Canada But Is Demoted To 2nd By Stewards

Sebastian Vettel has been denied victory at the Canadian Grand Prix, despite finishing in first place in the race.

It would have marked his, and Ferrari's, first win of the season, but a five second penalty given to him by race stewards handed second place Lewis Hamilton first place on the podium.

The penalty was handed out after Vettel ran wide on the fourth corner of the 48th lap. As Hamilton tried to overtake the German, he would swerve back in front of him. This was considered as dangerous driving by the stewards, resulting in the penalty.

Vettel was not pleased with the punishment handed out by the authorities, which was announced while the race was still ongoing. He told his team over the radio:

They are stealing the race from us.

 I had nowhere to go. I seriously had nowhere to go. I didn't see him. Where the hell was I supposed to go?

He would make his feelings clear after the race.

He originally did not want to stand on the podium for the tradition post-race ceremony, but would have incurred a point penalty should he refuse to take part. Instead, he would to the winner's enclosure and swap the marker boards in front of the top three cars.

The ruling was also not a popular one with the Canadian crowd, who booed Hamilton during the ceremony. Vettel asked them not to do so, but said they should consider booing the 'funny decision'.

The result leaves Hamilton 29 points clear of team mate Valtteri Bottas in the drivers championship, and 62 points clear of Vettel in third place. Mercedes are also 123 points ahead of Ferrari in the constructors championship.

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