Tokyo 2020 Reveal Olympic Medals Made From Recycled Mobile Phones

Tokyo 2020 Reveal Olympic Medals Made From Recycled Mobile Phones

The 2020 Olympics are just around the corner, with the games getting underway exactly one year from today.

It is the peak of any athlete's career to appear at an Olympics, and that is not even to mention the select few who manage to win a medal. For those lucky enough to do so, they will be carrying the components of old mobile phones around their necks.

The medals for next year's games were revealed today, and we have to admit they look pretty slick.

They were designed to resemble polished stones, and have been labelled as the first 'sustainable' medals to feature in an Olympic games.


That is because the medals are to be made of recycled mobile phones.

Over the past two years, there has been an ongoing campaign asking Japanese citizens to donate their old mobile phones. The metal extracted from the 6.2million phones they received will be used to make the medals that athletes will receive in Tokyo.

In all they managed to gather 32kg of gold, 3.5 tonnes of silver and 2.2 tonnes of gold from the donations. Not bad.

The real takeaway from all of this is that our drawers at home could be home to an absolute goldmine. Result.

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Gary Connaughton

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