Pat Hickey Threatened To Sue Paul Howard For A Bizarre Reason

Pat Hickey Threatened To Sue Paul Howard For A Bizarre Reason

Paul Howard tells a tale about Pat Hickey that hilariously describes Hickey's controlling nature.

Before he created the brilliant 'Ross O'Carroll-Kelly' books, Paul Howard was one of Ireland's top sportswriters. At the time of Pat Hickey's arrest, Howard took no joy whatsoever in events unfolding in Rio.

Howard is one of the people questioned (alongside figures like Eamonn Coghlan and Sinead Jennings) for a brilliant piece about Hickey in the 'Irish Times' by Ian O'Riordan.

Howard described one solicitors' letter he received from Hickey during his journalism days:

I never sensed they'd go to court...one letter was quite comical. He'd about 40 alleged libels in a 1200-word piece, which is impossible. Such as his picture was printed darker than David Balbirnie, which implied he was the 'shadowy' figure.


Fascinatingly, Howard revealed that Hickey would "compliment you on a piece he was potentially suing you over", and that one of his lawyers' letters had caused his granny to burst into tears.

I wouldn't feel human if I didn't feel sorry for the man. But he did make my granny cry.

(Irish Times)

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