Russian Olympian Fails Drugs Test In Very Embarrassing Circumstances

Russian Olympian Fails Drugs Test In Very Embarrassing Circumstances

For all the exciting action in this year's Winter Olympics, one glaring detail throughout has been the absence of any 'Russian' athletes.

Although an outright ban had initially removed the chance of a Russian athlete competing in the games, a certain selection were eventually allowed to compete under a neutral, Olympic flag.

Represented as the Olympic Athletes of Russia (OAR), given the manner in which the 2014 games in Sochi descended into a doping-related farce for the hosts (just watch Icarus), those Russians who were allowed enter would have been expected to be on their best behaviour.

With the slightly farcical news of a Russian curler being found doping last week, Nadezhda Sergeeva has become the latest OAR athlete to have failed a drugs test; and it is not without its own irony also.

20 и 21 февраля будет борьба за олимпийские медали по бобслею среди женщин. Надежда Сергеева вместе со своей командой будет бороться за победу. Именно про таких женщин написаны слова - " Коня на скаку остановит, в горящую избу войдет". Девченки я вас не забыл, надеюсь еще увидимся. Обязательно буду болеть за вас. #russia #sochi #adidas #sport #russionsport #skeleton #wintersport #сборнаяроссии #russionathletes #olympicgames #russionteam #olympicgames2018 @sports_girls_russia

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A pilot on the Bobsleigh team that finished 12th in Pyeongchang, Sergeeva had only last week put up on her Instagram a video of herself wearing a jumper bearing the slogan; "I don't do doping, I am ZASPORT."

ZASPORT being the official clothing company of the Russian Olympic Committee, it has been confirmed that Sergeeva is rejecting the results of the failed test.

According to the Russian Bobsled President Alexander Zubkov, "she confirms see took no such medication and the team confirms she was not issued any medication."

Comforting words no doubt, it may not help Sargeeva's case that Zubkov himself was subsequently banned for failed drugs test after winning two gold medals in the 2014 games.

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