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What The 10 Most Viewed 'Ireland' Youtube Videos Says About Ireland

What The 10 Most Viewed 'Ireland' Youtube Videos Says About Ireland

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What is Ireland? The question has bedeviled poets, songsmiths and philosophers for millenia. Luckily, insight is much more quantifiable in the digital age.

Recently, we went onto youtube and searched the word 'IRELAND'. We then organised the search according to videos with the most views. This gave us the most viewed 'Ireland' videos out there. The hierarchy of most-viewed Ireland videos  tells a story about the damp green place we all occupy, and how the world sees it.

It is not a pretty story.

What is Ireland according to people who watch youtube videos? Step dancing, sentimental dirges, motorbike racing, a decent concert venue, Jedward the dickwads, and most amazingly a place that inspired the greatest hardcore anthem of them all.

10. Feet of Flames - Planet Ireland HD


Upload date: Mar 17, 2011

Views: 6,149,749

Flatley fucking Flatley. 10 minutes of step dancers in Elvis suits, live from London

9. Bryan Adams - Heaven - Live at Slane Castle, Ireland.


Upload date: Dec 4, 2008

Views: 6,433,017 views

For some reason, Bryan Adams prevents embedding from Youtube but you can watch the whole video here. Taken from Adams's gig at Slane in 2000.

8. The music of Ireland: Jigs and reels


Upload date: Mar 13, 2012

47 minutes of jigs and reels - you wouldn't do it to Maggie Thatcher!

7. The Dubliners - Song for Ireland


Upload date: Aug 14, 2007

Views: 7,771,486 views

The best thing about Ireland on this list.

6.- - MOST - EXTREME - SPORT - ♛ - ✔ 200_Mph_320Km/h - Irish Road Racing ✔ UGP_NW200


Upload date: Sep 1, 2012

Views: 7,999,655 

Rally people stay together


Upload date: Aug 30, 2006

Views: 8,241,238 

Of course.

4. Ireland: "Lipstick", Jedward - Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 2011 - BBC Three


Upload date: May 12, 2011

Views: 8,694,846 views

Our great national shame.

3. Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar (Dublin Ireland, 2006)


Upload date: March 16, 2011

Views: 13,785,403 views

From the 2006 RDS gig: everything goes downhill after the sublte nod to Philo.

2. St Patrick's Day Flashmob in Sydney by Tourism Ireland


Upload date: March 16, 2011

Views: 13,785,403 views

Paid for with tax payer money!

1.Dr Peac0ck: 'Trip To Ireland:  18,434,782 views


Upload: July 8, 2015

Views: 18,435,123 views

Holy shit. This hardcore track which was only uploaded 2 years ago has already garnered 18m views. 'Trip to Irealnd' is a heady mix of Frenchcore with diddly-eye. It's a truly atrocious song/video combo that most people outside of the hardcore techno scene will have never heard. The internet is full of weirdos.

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