Take Our Impossible 2000s Sports Quiz: Episode 3

Take Our Impossible 2000s Sports Quiz: Episode 3

We're onto episode three of our impossible 2000s sport quiz, coming to you every Noughties Tuesday on Balls.ie. In our first instalment, only 2% of participants managed to get 10/10 out of ten, could you all do better in the second week? No. No you could not.

Last week, just a measley 1% of players got full marks. To those who did we must stand back and applaud, for you are not just blessed with knowledge, you are blessed with wisdom. If anything, episode 3 is even more difficult. It's called the 'impossible' 2000s sports quiz for a reason. We want you to have to work for the win!

As always, it's 10 questions long, ranging across all sports. If you manage to get 100% then be sure to let us know on social media!


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