Watch: Nick Kyrgios Goes On A Mad One At Cincinnati Open

Watch: Nick Kyrgios Goes On A Mad One At Cincinnati Open

Nick Kyrgios is undoubtedly the bad boy of tennis at the moment, and he offers plenty of entertainment in one of the most sanitised sports around. While we had the likes of John McEnroe to blast umpires back in the day, that responsibility now falls on the shoulders of the Australian.

Kyrgios' outbursts have become legendary at this stage, but his antics at the Cincinnati Open last night may have been the maddest yet. This time it was Irish umpire Fergus Murphy who would be at the end of one of his tirades.

It all started when Kyrgios was given a time violation in the second set, a decision he certainly disagreed with. He compared the pace of his play to Rafael Nadal, who he thinks would be penalised in every game if he was held to the same standard.

As he continued to get more frustrated, Kyrgios asked for a bathroom break. Instead os using the facilities, he decided to smash the shite out of his two rackets before returning to the court.


After the match ended in a three-set defeat, Kyrgios decided to call Murphy a 'fucking tool' before making his way off the court.

Kyrgios and Murphy have recent history, with the pair also clashing at the Washington Open two weeks ago and at Queen's back in June.

Although to be fair, you'd do well to find an umpire the Australian hasn't fallen out with at this stage.

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