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28-Year-Old Kerryman Issues Stark Covid-19 Warning On Sky News

28-Year-Old Kerryman Issues Stark Covid-19 Warning On Sky News

We're heading into the second week of having life totally disrupted by the coronavirus. The scenes yesterday in Glendalough and Howth suggest that the message about social distancing still isn't hitting home to some people. Yet, as the people of Lombardy would tell us, we're sitting on a timebomb and the surge around Covid-19 is coming. Among the young, there is still a perception that this is an old person's disease and the young people are beyond its reach.

28-year-old Kerryman Michael Prendergast today delivered a startling warning to all young Irish people about the dangers of this virus from his hospital bed at Kerry General Hospital. Michael, who is asthmatic, started to notice symptoms of the disease when travelling back to Kerry from London last Monday. His condition deteriorated over the week and Michael has been left asking some pretty fundamental questions about life and death. While speaking to Sky News today, Prendergast made it clear that Covid-19 has left him battling for his life. It's the kind of message that all young people need to pay attention to.

It's hard to listen to Michael's words without being moved: "I have been so sick and so weak that I couldn't raise my own head and I've asked myself 'have I been a good person, have I done enough in my life?' There's still so much I want to achieve. I'm 28, I'm young, I'm sporty, I'm into the gym. I never would have thought I would have been so sick. It's been harrowing, it's been indescribable. This is just a warning to anyone out there. If you don't get affected as bad as I have, I guarantee you that your parents, or your grandparents, or your aunts and uncles are going to be. This virus is a killer."

Michael also calls on the government to take stricter actions to rein in the outdoor gatherings that were seen over the weekend.


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