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7 Million Views And Counting: Goalkeeper Nathan On Being An Internet Hero

7 Million Views And Counting: Goalkeeper Nathan On Being An Internet Hero

Over the last 24 hours, we've all become familiar with Nathan, the ingenious Irish goalkeeping prodigy who designed a brilliant drill in his back garden to keep him fresh in the lockdown. Nathan is 11. He plays for the Ballyoulster U12 team in Celbridge.

Last night, we wrote about how the likes of Peter Schmiechel, David De Gea and Ben Foster had shared the video and reached out to offer coaching drills. That was when the video had 2 million views. 16 hours later, the video has been viewed 7 million times and shared to every corner of the internet.

Nathan's proud mum Sarah Jayne Tobin told the Dermot & Dave show on TodayFM that she had filmed her son because Nathan's coach had asked parents to upload playing clips to show that kids were staying busy during the lockdown. She also revealed that Nathan was originally playing the ball off their house, but his shots were clearing the stones off the pebbledash and he was asked to kick the ball off the back fence.

Nathan is an only child and said he did similar drills at home all time.

"I do it every day on my own in my back garden. My mum usually videos me to doing random football drills. It usually gets 100 or 200 people seeing it. The difference is this time, yeah, 7 million people."

His mum also spoke of the ridiculously positive response to the video from the broader football community. She said Azmir Begovic DMed to say he would send a pair of signed gloves to Nathan. She also said Adidas have offered him sponsorship.

Love continued to pour in for the video over night. Juan Mata offered to practice free kicks with him:


Match of the Day loved it:



Tennessee Titans Paul Kuharsky weighed in from Nashville with his love

Monaco's English account approved:

The great George Hamilton gave Nathan his stamp of approval.

Congrats to Nathan on his newfound fame.

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