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13 Bad Joke Memes To Get You Through The Lockdown

13 Bad Joke Memes To Get You Through The Lockdown

The lockdown has been hard, and at the moment, it really feels never-ending. During times like this, we need humour to see us through. At these moments, bad jokes and dad jokes have never been more urgently required.

It's no surprise that bad Stock Photo meme jokes have been getting me through the last few days. They provide a short rush of humour and require next to no thought. They distract us from the pandemic happening around us. They utilise the frightening beauty of Shutterstock stock photos.

Here's a list of 13 of our favourite bad jokes that we've seen shared on social media this week. Enjoy the lolz.

1. A bad ambulance joke

2. A really bad car joke

3. A bad Queen joke


4. A bad blood joke

5. A bad Polish joke



6. A bad legs joke


7. A bad wasps joke

8. A bad turtles joke


9. A bad July joke

10. A bad stairs joke

11. A bad grocery store joke
12. A bad pregnancy joke


13. A bad arms joke


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