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Watch: Expert Doctor Is Having None Of Fox News's "Irresponsible" Promotion Of Malaria Drug

Watch: Expert Doctor Is Having None Of Fox News's "Irresponsible" Promotion Of Malaria Drug

Another day, another example of a Fox News presenter trying to steer the American public wrong, only to be met with an expert guest unwilling to go along with the con. We can only imagine how many times the guests on these shows are willing rubes who confirm the conspiracy theories and false medical advice and it never makes the headlines.

In this case, Fox News anchor and former George W. Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino was joined on her show by Dr. William Heseltine, a medical expert and the president of Access Health International. Perino has been one of the many Fox News hosts regularly and inexplicably pushing hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, to fight Covid-19, despite no medical evidence that's it is effective.

The station has been promoting the drug for weeks, and have been backed by Donald Trump, who had been touting its effects in his daily press briefings, against the advise of his team of medical experts.

The evidence that hydroxychloroquine helps in any way with Covid-19 is almost non existent, and what miniscule help some research it provides is not something than can change the course of the virus and is completely undermined by the dangerous side effects.

On Fox News, a clearly frustrated Dr. Heseltine was sick of hearing about it and debunked it's usefulness, calling its promotion "irresponsible" and "sad."


The video makes for great viewing, but unfortunately you suspect no lessons will be learned and Dana will likely be spouting the virtues of a useless drug again very soon.

It's hard to believe America has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world and has already suffered over 10,000 deaths. Let's hope some sense prevails in the coming days and weeks.


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