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Only Diehard Friends Fans Will Get 14/14 In Our Ross Quiz

Only Diehard Friends Fans Will Get 14/14 In Our Ross Quiz

The debate will always rage but when it comes to the discussion around which Friends character was the most entertaining then Ross is very very close to taking home the title. In early seasons he may have been a little too straight and dower but as the years rolled by Ross really came into his own.

In fact, by the end of Friends he was, by a distance, the funniest person on the show. Today, we thought we'd pay tribute to the tenured professor by putting your knowledge of Ross to the test. Sure, there are an enormous amount of you out there who will claim to know everything there is to know about Friends but now is your chance to prove it.

14 questions, some easy, some hard. We imagine that 10/14 is easily achieveable but to get 100% is near impossible. Give it your best shot, let us know how you get on and tell your friends Ross sent you.


While researching the quiz we also found this great article on Comedy Central that includes some interesting facts about the character, including the tidbit that he apparently has two birthdays!

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