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9 Photos Of Greg O'Shea Not Looking Like Love Island's Greg O'Shea

9 Photos Of Greg O'Shea Not Looking Like Love Island's Greg O'Shea

It doesn't matter if it's soccer, cricket or a competitive romance making, if there's an Irish winner we're going to jump aboard that bandwagon as quickly as possible. So understandibly, we're all-in on Greg O'Shea after his Love Island victory last night. The Limerickman took the villa by storm, arriving in late and sauntering to victory with his partner, Amber.

O'Shea's talents are not merely confined to just wooing Instagram influencers and British Joe Public however. He's obviously a highly skilled rugby player, having come through the Munster academy and now represents the Ireland sevens team but he was also a fantastic athlete at youth level. We took a look through Sportsfile and found a few great pics.

1. Back when baggy combats were in fashion

The year was 2011 and a young Greg O'Shea was making a name for himself as a sprinter. Here he is with the rest of the Boys 4x100m relay team ahead of the European Youth Olympic Festival. A team that all featured Marcus Lawlor.

2. Is that a mullet?

Here he is, playing for Crescent CC in 2012. Now it might be just the camera angle but is that a bit of a mullet?


3. Yes, it's definitely a mullet

4. A born winner

In 2012, O'Shea won the Junior Men's 100m at the Woodie's DIY Junior and U23 Track and Field Championships of Ireland. Future Meath senior footballer, Eamon Wallace finished third!


5. Not really sure what's going on here

Him and Ross Byrne just hanging out.

6. Not sure what's going on here either

Strange way to perform a pec stretch.



Here is is embracing John Owens after he scored a try against Italy in the 2015 U20s Six Nations.

8. The race we all want to see

O'Shea vs Simon Zebo - make it happen lads!

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