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Harry Potter Stars Appear On Sideline At Louth Club Hurling Match

Harry Potter Stars Appear On Sideline At Louth Club Hurling Match

When you show up to a local club game, the last thing you'd expect to see would be some internationally famous faces - but that's what happened to spectators at a Louth hurling game this week, as three Harry Potter stars were present on the sidelines.

Harry Potter stars take in Louth hurling game

Footage emerged on Friday of Louth native Evanna Lynch, as well as James and Oliver Phelps, at a club hurling game in Louth.

Lynch was raised in Termonfeckin in the south-east of Louth, and went on to play the iconic Luna Lovegood in four Harry Potter films. The Phelps twins famously played the jokester Weasley twins Fred and George across all eight of the films in the Harry Potter saga, and they were given what is believed to be their first exposure of a hurling game on Thursday evening.

Lynch's local hurling club St Fechins posted to Instagram on Wednesday evening advertising the guest appearance of the three Harry Potter stars at their Louth Senior Championship game against Naomh Monine in Darver. The club said that the visit was part of filming for a "travel programme".


TikTok user meeting.oliver.and.james posted a series of videos to their account of Lynch and the Phelps twins' visit to the Louth hurling scene, which included footage of "Fred and George" deep in conversation with the coach of one of the teams.

The three stars were also more than happy to oblige with photographs and autographs after the game, and James and Oliver Phelps were even pictured in St Fechins jerseys, presumably as part of material for the upcoming TV show.

Given Fred and George Weasley's success as Beaters on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, we imagine they could do a fair job in the half-back line for any hurling team.

Of all of the sights we expected from this year's senior county championships, the sighting of Harry Potter stars was not among them - and now we're eagerly anticipating details of the upcoming travel programme which will reveal more of their exploits in Louth.

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