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Makers Of Jameson Whiskey Are Now Making Hand Sanatiser Gel

Makers Of Jameson Whiskey Are Now Making Hand Sanatiser Gel

Irish Distillers - the makers of Jameson Whiskey - has announced that they'll be producing hand sanitising gel.

Earlier this week, Listoke Distillery in Louth announced that they would be changing their production model to focus on producing hand sanatiser in an effort to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

As you may know, hand santiser gel contains a significant amount of alcohol.

Well, during an interview on Morning Ireland, Rosemary Garth of Irish Distillers announced that  the company will be following suit and supplying free gel to the Health Service Executive, in partnership with Cork firm Mervue Laboratories.

"We are going to be making our alcohol available at no cost. Mervue Labs will be producing just to cover their costs. This will enable us to deliver large scale quantities of hand sanitiser to hospitals and health care professionals, that need it not only now but in the times ahead," Garth said.

Ms Garth said that this initiative will be a "fantastic solution based approach" and that it will not impact the company's production of whiskey.


She adds: "We stand committed to the people and communities of Ireland during this difficult time and we will continue to collaborate with the health authorities so as to ensure our efforts are channelled to greatest effect.

"Like so many, Irish Distillers is doing what we can at a time of great national crisis. We hope that in doing so, it helps our healthcare professionals in their efforts to protect all of us from the spread of the virus," the company concluded."

Fair play to all involved.

Paul Moore

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