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The Rewind Recommends: 3 Things To Watch/Listen To Today

The Rewind Recommends: 3 Things To Watch/Listen To Today

Kevin Costner on The Bill Simmons Podcast

... Costner details a career worth of stories

If you can move past the near 40 minutes of NBA chat, Bill Simmons eventually sits down with actor Kevin Costner. Costner talks about his career in film, from his early days in Hollywood to playing sports in films. One such passage includes the issues Costner had on For The Love Of The Game, including being plied with painkillers and gambling rings. Listen to the podcast below:

Burna Boy - African Giant

... a stellar album from one of Nigeria's favourite sons

Featuring the likes of Future, Jeremih and Jorja Smith, Burna Boy's African Giant has a stellar supporting cast to prop up the singer's beautiful vocal performance. Just as summer begins to heat up, its soundtrack arrives. Get on the album below:


Tebi Rex (ft Local Boy) - I Never Got Off The Bus

... new alternative hip-hop from Ireland 

Tebi Rex, employing the services of Burner Records' Local Boy, are back with a heartfelt tackling of the past. The song is split into three parts, with each Act bringing a different perspective on the past to the table. Watch the video below:



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