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Lidl Will Have Electric Scooters Available In Store Next Week

Lidl Will Have Electric Scooters Available In Store Next Week

The future is now!

Electric scooters have become an incredibly popular more of transport all over the globe in recent years and it's not difficult to see why. Many cities has embraced them as an environmentally friendly way of getting around, and we could yet follow suit in this country.

With Dublin City Council announcing plans to widen footpaths and cycling lanes, legislation for the use of electric scooters does not seem too far away.

If you want to get your hands on one at a decent price, this is your chance.

Lidl will have Doc Green E-Scooters in store from next Thursday, July 9th. They will cost €249.99.

The fact they are foldable makes them incredibly easy to store, with their 13km battery life meaning you should get plenty of distance before it needs to be recharged.


Even then, it only take three to four hours to charge it up.

To ensure maximum safety on the scooter, you can also get a very impressive smart bike helmet in store on Thursday.

Costing €49.99, it features a rear light and indicators, with a remote that can be inserted on the handlebars.

If e-scooters aren't really your thing, Lidl will also have hoverboards in store on Monday, July 13th. They will set you back €179.99.

For more information, you can view the full Lidl leaflet here.

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