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O'Neills Shorts Feature In The Daily Mail's 'Fashion Finder' Thanks To You Know Who

O'Neills Shorts Feature In The Daily Mail's 'Fashion Finder' Thanks To You Know Who

After all the abuse we've gotten it turns out the men of Ireland have actually always been ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. The world is finally starting to catch on to the allure of the humble O'Neills shorts, thanks to one Paul Mescal.

The former Kildare Gaelic footballer turned actor has now been snapped for the second time this week donning a pair of O'Neills, this time making it into the Daily Mail's "Fashion Finder" section.

Fashion Finder features a rake of celebrity photos that have caught the eye, accompanied by a few lines on what they're wearing and where to get it. Mescal was photographed while out for a run and features in a piece titled "Go for short shorts like Paul Mescal wearing O'Neills."

The piece reads: "Much like his Normal People character Connell, Paul Mescal used to play Gaelic football, and now he's single-handedly making GAA shorts a big trend.

"He's pictured here out for a jog in London again (sadly this time with a T-shirt and without one of his signature chains as far as we can see...) wearing another pair of shorts by O'Neills."


Right, all we need him to do now is head out in a pair of stonewashed boot cut jeans, a check shirt and some brown shoes. After that the catwalks of Paris and Milan will be banging on the door of every country lad from Donegal to Kerry!

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