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Sinead O'Connor Has Had A Right Go At Conor McGregor For Dumb COVID-19 Tweets

Sinead O'Connor Has Had A Right Go At Conor McGregor For Dumb COVID-19 Tweets

One of the most iconic moments of Conor McGregor's MMA career involved Sinead O'Connor. The Irish singer was on site in Las Vegas to sing 'The Foggy Dew' as the Dubliner made his way to the ring before his fight against Chad Mendes at UFC 189, the night he won his first UFC title.

It was a significant moment, and with McGregor having used the song on a few occasions since, you would imagine the pair have some sort of relationship as result.  However, that now seems strained.

McGregor has been on somewhat of a social media tirade during the coronavirus pandemic, spouting some questionable political views on how Ireland should be conducting themselves at the minute.

A lot of it seems ill-considered, with his comments about not allowing workers from abroad to come into the country to work on Irish farms the latest example.


Sinead O'Connor certainly did not take well to the tweet.

She sent a number of replies to McGregor, claiming the language he used sounded like that of a 'slave owner'. She also pointed out that he himself is an immigrant worker, presumably referring to the fact the vast majority of his UFC fights took place abroad.


O'Connor would bring the issue to an end with this tweet, saying we should be thankful to those who are coming to our country at this time.

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