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Tiger King's Doc Antle Appeared In One Of Most Iconic MTV VMA Performances Ever

Tiger King's Doc Antle Appeared In One Of Most Iconic MTV VMA Performances Ever

Despite being a somewhat minor character in the grand scheme of things, Doc Antle was certainly one of the more memorable individuals in Netflix's Tiger King.

While he certainly gave off the impression of running a more upscale establishment than that of Joe Exotic, there were no shortage of red flags that appeared in the show.

He tended to have a number of wives or girlfriends, all of whom arrived to work at the park at a quite a young age. All of his employees were also forced to work 365 days a year for little pay.

That is before we mention any potential animal rights abuses. It is widely rumoured that he euthanises tiger cubs after they grow too old to be petted, something Joe Exotic says is true during near the end of the series.

During our brief visits to his zoo, it is revealed that Antle has long been involved in show business. His animals have been used in various movies and television shows, but he himself made an appearance in one of the most famous live music performances of the 21st century.

Britney Spears' rendition of 'I'm a Slave 4 U' at the 2001 MTV VMAs is one of the most iconic ever to take place at the awards, but Doc Antle himself was on the stage that night.


He was actually in the cage along with Britney and a big cat, and you can see him at the start of the performance below.

We can't imagine you would see a performer use animals in such a manner in this day and age, meaning we are unlikely to see Doc Antle on that stage again anytime soon.

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