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Two Buffalo Cops Suspended For Shoving Over 75-Year-Old Man

Two Buffalo Cops Suspended For Shoving Over 75-Year-Old Man

There are so many disturbing videos of police violence emerging out of America this week. As protesters have taken to the streets to condemn the killing of George Floyd and demand the end of systemic racism, they have been met by a phalanx of armed and violent constables and soldiers.

One of the most disturbing incidents of police violence to be captured on film took place yesterday in Buffalo, New York. A journalist filmed two policemen heinously pushing a protester to the ground and then walking right past him. Many other policemen simply walked by as the man lay prostrate on the ground.

If you haven't seen this video yet, watch it below with the warning that this is highly disturbing.

The man was 75-years-old. He's now in serious but stable condition in hospital.


A spokesperson for the Buffalo PD initially said that the man had tripped and fallen and injured himself. After widespread social media outrage, the Buffalo police department suspended the two cops without pay as they investigate the incident.

The mayor of the city Bryon Brown said he was 'deeply disturbed' by what took place.


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