West Ham Fan Savages Club's Owners In Tremendous Talksport Rant

West Ham Fan Savages Club's Owners In Tremendous Talksport Rant

Slaven Bilic losing his job as West Ham manager the day after a 4-1 home defeat to Liverpool is news that came as a surprise to very few after the Hammers' dreadful start to the season.

Bilic himself was expecting it, although removing the Croatian from the equation will not immediately solve all of their problems. The club look to be stuck in a relegation battle for the foreseeable future, and the news that David Moyes has been chosen as the man to take over has done nothing to ease the fears of the supporters.

While not yet confirmed, the announcement is expected imminently and the official line is that Moyes was chosen after an attempt to lure Carlo Ancelotti to the club, which might be the most West Ham thing of all time.

The fans are fed up, and one of them has hit the nail on the head as he called up talkSPORT to get his issues with the ownership off his chest.


Be fair, we're only paying £2m in rent, we ain't even got to buy a lightbulb! And you don't want to spend no money? All you're interested in is take, take, take.

The William Carvalho saga in the summer was a shining example of what the fans had accused the owners of for years; talking at length about well-known players they were trying to recruit when in reality they were never serious, and instead turned to cheaper alternatives.

Sporting Lisbon's director used the term 'intellectual pornography' while accusing them of lying about their interest in Carvalho, and that's a beautiful way to put it.

If Moyes doesn't get off to a good start at London Stadium things could turn rather ugly for the Hammers.

Mikey Traynor