How We'd Reboot Top Gun With Irish Rugby Players

How We'd Reboot Top Gun With Irish Rugby Players

This week, Cityjet sent Leinster's James Lowe, Luke McGrath and Ross Byrne to take the Top Gun challenge. The lads stepped into a Simtech flight simulator in order to experience all of the drama and peril of landing a plane. Could these high-flying backs stand up to the pressure that Cityjet pilots experience every day? The results were hilarious and you can watch them below.

The video got us reminiscing about the greatest pilot movie of them all - Top Gun - and which Irish rugby players you'd cast in the film  if you could reboot it with just rugby players. Top Gun and rugby have a lot in common after all: a bunch of cocky young men full of swagger laying it all on the line with no fear of the danger zone.

Here's how we'd cast the film if we were rebooting it with only Ireland players.


Maverick: Jordan Larmour

The new kid on the block. Just like Maverick rampaging through the sky in his jet and bolting around in his Harley Davidson, Larmour has energised Leinster and Ireland with phenomenal speed and talent.   Larmour's try vs Munster on Stephen's Day is the Top Gun equivalent of Maverick flying his plane upside down and taking a Poloroid of an opposition pilot. When you're this good you can make up your own rules.

Iceman: Johnny Sexton


How do you earn the nickname Iceman? You do your job like a cold-hearted killer. Being one of the best out halves on the planet - and having the stones to take a drop goal from 42 metres out on a wet night in Paris - involves a boat load of confidence. In Top Gun, Val Kilmer's Iceman is the only character with enough bravado to stand up to Maverick but he does so via some hard-earned wisdom.

Sexton's most famous Iceman moment before that drop goal in Paris came in Croke Park in 2009, when he got in the face of Ronan O'Gara after Gordon D'Arcy's try.


Goose: Rob Kearney

Throughout Top Gun, Goose is the steady voice of caution in the back of Maverick's mind. Someone is needed to keep Maverick's exuberance in check and Goose does about all he can. Throughout his long Ireland career, Kearney has been a steady, calming presence among Ireland's backs. He's not bothered about scoring flashy tries or swandiving over the touch line. He does his job to the best of his ability and always looks after his teammates. He's a model pro and exactly the kind of guy you want in your team when you take on the bad guys.



Viper: Leo Cullen



The mentor to the current crop of high-flyers, like the moody Viper, Leowas once a master of his field. Although he is now directly involved in training the next generation of talent, occasionally he likes to take to the skies himself.


Jester: Fergus McFadden

The joker in the pack. Fergus McFadden has been in scintillating for this season, forcing his way back into the Ireland team. His sense of humour can match his pace, as he proved with that famous tweet during Brian O'Driscoll's final match at the Aviva.

The man can still fly.

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