World Champion TJ Doheny Hits Out At 'Disrespectful' Irish Rival In Vexed Video Post

World Champion TJ Doheny Hits Out At 'Disrespectful' Irish Rival In Vexed Video Post

IBF World super-bantamweight  TJ Doheny has issued a stinging rebuttal to Derry super bantamweight Tyrone McCullagh as the latest Irish rivalry continues to escalate.

McCullagh, who recorded victories over both the Scottish and English champions in 2018, has publicly called for an All-Irish title fight between him and Doheny. Last week, Doheny was reported to have said it was "embarrassing" to even be considered in the same bracket as McCullagh.

In response to that, McCullagh, who is currently ranked as WBO #13 and also promoted by MTK Global, once again called for a fight. In an interview with the Derry Journal, the 28-year-old said "I’m not trying to start a slagging match but I’d love to fight him down the line. It would end up being the first all-Irish world title fight.”

“When he says it’s embarrassing to be linked with me, I think that’s because he’s trying not to take the fight.”

“He might be saying that because he doesn’t want the fight but I can tell you I’m not far off him and I’ll embarrass him as soon as I get the chance to fight him."


Now TJ 'The Power' Doheny has responded. In a video posted on social media, Doheny once again restated that the two aren't close to the same level.

Tyrone McCullagh, you need to relax and show some respect. I'm about to unify two world titles and your name dropping me? Looking for fights this year? You couldn't even get rid of a southern area level fighter in your last fight and your WBO whatever-the-fuck belt you want to call it. You got left on the seat of your pants in the fight before that.

"Go and earn your strips man."


Next for Doheny is a possible belt unifying fight against the WBA titleholder Daniel Roman. In terms of an All-Irish world title fight, it appears that McCullagh still has work to do to convince the Portlaoise man he is deserving.

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