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Watch: Dolph Lundgren Is Getting In Fighting Shape For Role In 'Creed 2'

Watch: Dolph Lundgren Is Getting In Fighting Shape For Role In 'Creed 2'

With Michael B. Jordan as the lead as the son of Apollo Creed in a spin-off film from the legendary 'Rocky' series of films, the 2015 release of 'Creed' was a much-needed injection of positivity into a series that looked to have died with the flop reboot 'Rocky Balboa' in 2006.

With the success of 'Creed', a sequel was inevitable and sure enough began filming earlier this year much to the delight of those who love a good sports movie.

In the original series, Ivan Drago from 'Rocky IV' was remembered as one of the great 80s villains as the giant Russian, played by Dolph Lundgren, was almost perfect in summing up how the Americans saw the Russians at the time (and many still do today it seems), and his montages were the stuff of legend as they went on to become a staple of pop culture, being parodied in countless TV shows and cartoons.

If you were a fan of Drago, your interest in 'Creed 2' may be about to jump up a notch as Dolph Lundgren took to his Instagram to all but confirm that he will be in the movie, and he did it with his own mini-montage.

Getting ready for something big! ? @officialslystallone #Creed2 #IvanDrago

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Lundgren turns 60 in November, so fair play to him first of all.


While Drago himself wouldn't care too much for Drake, the montage is bound to strike a chord with those who love the 'Rocky' series of the 80s. All that remains to find out is how big Drago's role is going to be.

It's unlikely he'll be fighting Michael B. Jordan's protagonist Adonis Johnson, but we could see him coaching the next rival and getting into a bit of pre-fight drama with Rocky Balboa. One thing is for sure, the role is big enough to get Dolph back in the gym.

Exciting times, all that's left to do is bask in the glory that is the original montage for Rocky vs Drago.

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