Report: Liverpool Interested In Signing Sergio Ramos

Report: Liverpool Interested In Signing Sergio Ramos

What's the most unlikely transfer you can remember in the past few years? Neymar to PSG? Ronaldo to Juventus? Carlos Tevez to Manchester City? Well this one would blow all those out of the water.

Sergio Ramos is not popular amongst Liverpool fans, and we all know the reason why. The Spaniard made enemies for life by injuring Mo Salah in last year's Champions League final, a moment which had a telling impact on the outcome of the game.

Regardless of if you think it was intentional or not, it was definitely a very Ramos thing to do. Considering all of this, the transfer rumour that popped up today is incredibly surprising.

AS are reporting that Liverpool are interested in signing Sergio Ramos this summer, with the Spaniard set to seek a move away from a rebuilding Real Madrid. They also mention Manchester United, Juventus and a Chinese club as potential destinations.

The defender moving to Liverpool would seem incredibly unlikely, for a number of reasons. Even forgetting his recent history with the Merseyside club, he is not the type of signing they would usually opt for.


He is 33-years old, with Jurgen Klopp preferring to sign younger players who have room to grow. His salary would also be a major stumbling block, with his net wage of €12.5million per year well beyond what any other Liverpool player is earning.

Manchester United or Juventus would seem a far more likely destination, but they would also likely be hesitant considering Ramos' advancing years.

Of course we have been here before with the Madrid captain. He has angled for a move away from the club in the past, only to sing an improved contract a couple of weeks later. Perhaps this is a different scenario, although it would not be surprising to see Ramos given a pay rise in the not too distant future.

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