UK Steroid Case Exposes Worrying Presence Of Steroids In Gyms

UK Steroid Case Exposes Worrying Presence Of Steroids In Gyms

A court case from the UK has shed light on the presence of steroid use in gyms on these islands. One of Britain's top bodybuilders Nathan De Asha yesterday received a 12-month suspended sentence after admitting to distributing £10,000 worth of illegal anabolic steroids to the Pain and Gain gym in Devon.

De Asha is one of Britain's leading bodybuilders and was expected to attend the Mr Olympia bodybuilding event in Las Vegas but had to stay in the UK to attend yesterday's court session.

Judge David Evans had strong words for De Asha in delivering his verdict, and called him a 'disgrace'.

"As a regular competitor on the national and international stage, who has done well in bodybuilding, you are a disgrace to the sport and it is doubly sad, given how well you have done to overcome past behaviour and adversity.

"What makes your behaviour more disappointing is that you project yourself as an ambassador for the sport to children.

"I hope you can make good the damage which you have done to your own reputation and to the sport."


At a time when doping in rugby is under severe scrutiny, its certainly worth taking a deeper look at the use of illegal steroids outside of organised sport, and in gyms. It's worrying when experts in bodybuilding admit to distributing steroids to ordinary fitness goers.

De Asha issued the following statement on Instagram and used the hashtag 'vindicated':

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Vindicated.... Having missed the Olympia last weekend definitely paid dividends. In court today for my hearing, I received no jail time and this is the result I knew I was going to get despite all the rumours online. When your heart is pure and you know you have done no wrong, it’s just about playing the waiting game. Yes I was nervous and that’s very natural for most in this position but my inner confidence knew I’d come out of this unscathed. The universe threw me a curve ball and how I chose to deal with it would have defined my future as an athlete. I’m proud of the steps I have taken and want to remind all of you out there... Never judge a book by its cover. The Prophecy... “So let it be written, so let it be done” #NathanDeAsha #MrOlympia #Vindicated #TheProphecy #PowerOfThought #Strength #BreakingBarriers #JusticeServed #PsychologicalSupport #Bodybuilding #Bikini #ClassicPhysique #WomensBodybuilding #ProphecyPerformanceCentre #Liverpool #TheMecca #Motivation #Fitness #RoadToOlympia20 #YamamotoCup #IFBBProLeague #Trifecta

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