Daly Highlights 'Huge Cloud' That Lingers Over Close Contacts Issue

Daly Highlights 'Huge Cloud' That Lingers Over Close Contacts Issue

Davy Fitzgerald has hit out at the media coverage of the Wexford and Clare Covid-19 close contacts saga.

The Loch Garman boss said it was "unreal" that so much was made of the controversy and called for it to stop.

Earlier this month, Two Wexford players tested positive for Covid-19 in the aftermath of their Division 1 clash with Clare. The storm arose after two players in the Clare squad were listed as close contacts. Both players were ruled out of the following round as a result.

A war of words followed with Banner manager Brian Lohan outlining his frustration around why the Clare players were identified. He called on Croke Park to clarify the matter. Wexford GAA responded by saying the suggestion that "members of Wexford GAA had somehow nominated Clare players as close contacts is factually incorrect."

Speaking to RTE after their loss to Kilkenny on Sunday, Fitzgerald said the story needs to end.

“The fact that you (media) make so much out of it is pretty unreal."

The game was supposed to take place last weekend but was postponed after a third Covid-19 case was confirmed in the Wexford squad.

I suppose you have to do your job but I’m a hurling man and I love the game and we’ll do our best at Wexford. I think the HSE have answered their things and that’s important.


“I think from your side of view you’ve got to stop. We need to get back to hurling and everyone does. That’s all we’re interested in doing."

The lingering confusion around the matter means Fitzgerald may not get his wish. On League Sunday, Anthony Daly outlined the crux of the issue moving forward.

"I thought Brian spoke very well and very clearly about the upset and the surprise that all of a sudden on the Tuesday two of their players were contacted to say you are a close contact.


"After a game like that, where we were all under the impression that you played against somebody, if they had a case, you were a casual contact."

There is a huge cloud over the whole thing. The two people who shouldn't be under any cloud are the two people who were named. Somebody somewhere knows the truth. We are not getting the truth.

We may never get the truth. We might have to move on and get over it. I think there is a lesson to be learned overall, they must look at it overall.

While it was the case last year that the entire Offaly hurling squad was declared a close contact after a positive test, this saga remains an unprecedented affair. The real problem arises if it now does set a precedent.

Not only should the process that led to the situation be explained, but clarity around how the procedure should unfold in the future would prove beneficial for all concerned.

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